DIMA: Full Geographical Situational Awareness


Situational awareness creates new value for operators of geographically distributed services. The value is created through both rapid-response to service issues and by preventing disruptions. Operators can better serve their customers and save in costs.

When creating profitable products, our main tool is maps but our real passion is data. Our goal is to find solutions through the appropriate use of data. How do we create value by combining maps and data? Let’s look at it through one of our products

We have had a chance to create the application called DIMA (Dispatch Interactive Map Application) which is developed specifically to enhance operator situational awareness. DIMA has been produced for the regional transmission organization PJM Interconnection, the operator of the largest power grid in the United States.

Over 10 years we have been working with PJM to provide tools that give operators a clear picture of  grid conditions as well as help them assess possible problem areas. The DIMA application is designed especially for the dispatchers in PJM. They are responsible for managing the flow of power over the grid – just like the air traffic controllers keep the airplane traffic safe.

Dispatchers using DIMA have a tool for real-time viewing on a single geographic map integrated data such as weather, transmission line status, and availability of demand response. The map allows them to see areas of growing real-time use of electricity,  locations of transmission line outages or the status of generators . The major benefit is that all the data can be seen together on the same platform.

DIMA was developed specifically to enhance operator situational awareness – to simplify and consolidate the display of important data from multiple sources and applications.

Let’s illustrate that through an example, which shows how situational awareness has changed things. Imagine you were sitting in your car 20 years ago and wanted to find the way to a new place. You had to figure it out by combining various forms of information. You might have looked at a paper map, listened to radio traffic reports, or imagined which way to turn by looking for landmarks. Nowadays, we have tools to increase the situational awareness by synthesizing in one application the landmarks, or real time maps, verbal input tailored to you specific route, etc. High situational awareness makes life easier – and makes business easier as well.

Our motivation with DIMA was to create an application that enables our customers to get a holistic view of information in one glance. The value of a good geospatial product is its usability, sustainability, and ability to help the user visualize what is happening in real time.

Does your business have a geographically distributed service?  DIMA could make a positive difference to you. Contact us for further information.

Date: July 19, 2016