Map Centered Design and Experience

Beautiful. Responsive. Intuitive.

Integral GIS utilizes beauty and function in every project it undertakes. The best practice is to clearly identify all the needs of the client and understand the workflow before beginning the work of how it looks. For us, design is considered as an element of usability and function at the very start of the project.

This intuitive user experience means you don’t need to read a manual; you don’t need to be specialized or have advanced knowledge to use the tools Integral GIS creates. We design our user interface to be something with which you are innately familiar. In most cases, Integral GIS utilizes existing design concepts to allow for instant recognition of known users on a new application. This makes the transition from old to new smoother, and less time is spent in re-training. Our process is anticipatory and participatory and uses intuitive design concepts that emphasize user friendly application. For instance, we keep a mobile responsive framework in mind throughout the design process so that there is often no need for a separate mobile application to be designed.

Maps are a lens that offer optimal user experience for data that has a location-based element. Our goal when creating these tools is to provide clear analysis at your fingertips.

Date: February 6, 2017