Is the acronym GIS still relevant?

Is the acronym for geographic information systems still relevant? Does Integral GIS need to change its name?

While we ponder this question, consider that many of our customers would deny that what we do with them is GIS, even though it is within the realm of building solutions that have a mapping lens for businesses. From a business standpoint, it looks like business location intelligence and spatial business understanding.

The fact of the matter is, businesses create a lot of geospatial data themselves, asset locations, customers, and supply chain. These things matter in a spatial context, and the only way to get a holistic understanding of how these things impact the functioning of the business is to use the GIS lens to examine them. The only way to get at some of the challenges is to apply GIS and its particular way of looking at and analyzing data.

While it is a fun challenge to think about a company name that would also suit Integral, we must not lose sight of our biggest challenge and our passion, which is to apply geographic information systems¬†appropriately and with care and consideration to our customer’s business.