Growing Trust

As a small business, our reputation is crucial. It helps our clients know what we provide as much as it helps us gain clients. We have been lucky enough to work with companies that are the largest businesses in their respective fields, and have been able to grow as much through working with them as they have through gaining a kind of geospatial maturity. Our clients are our biggest champions.

Over the years, we have built a reputation as an honest assessor of what geospatial technologies and methods can do for an organization. Integral is not a hard sell. Geospatial technologies and their correct implementation is our passion, not our bottom line. Past work has given us an honest appreciation of what geospatial can do for companies, and that we can be open about letting clients know if it will work for them or not. If geospatial technologies and methods are not the answer, we will pinpoint what our client is really looking for or really needs, which may ultimately not involve us at all. Since geospatial technologies and methods often require a mature perspective on information requirements, implementing them too quickly would simply be a distraction.

Many vendors sell geospatial technologies and methods as solutions to everything, but they are not. For some problems, however, such as  problems concerning logistics, commercial ecosystems, and spatially distributed data, geospatial technologies and methods are the only solution. Because of our skeptical view of whether geospatial technologies and methods are the right answer in every circumstance, Integral has become an expert, honest assessor of what problems benefit from a geospatial solution.

Date: January 6, 2016