Ingredients of the Best Business Relationship

This is the best relationship I’ve ever had with a consulting company”, a long-term partner recently said to us. This feedback made us think about what makes good consulting.

Our practice in consulting is to act as external subject-matter-experts to aid another organization to succeed. In our view, lasting business relationships are the ultimate proof of the quality of our work.

Our work improves business efficiency, increases innovations, and helps our customers to meet their goals. We provide more than support; we give relevant solutions. There is a saying: “Hire smart people to tell you what to do, don’t hire smart people to tell them what to do.” Two-way communication with the customer is the key, but our task is to open the door and find the relevant, business critical opportunities to focus on.

Our principles in consulting:
1. Working closely collaborating with our partners. Open feedback – both ways.
2. Not accepting the first adequate solution, but giving them options during the process and working it out with them. The solutions are tailored to the customer, not one size-fits all –products.
3. Our work is driven by what benefits our client’s business long-term, not by short-term profit.
4. Looking for long-term solutions based on our wealth of experience with different customers

In our experience, sticking to these principles has led to valuable lasting relationships with our customers. The outcome of these strong relationships is not only satisfied customers, but also a flow of new client referrals that are generated when they talk with their business peers about our endeavours.