Spreading the passion for maps (social media part 2)

We explained earlier why social media is so influential for us. So, how do we take advantage of it? The answer is by telling and sharing the story of our company, and showing the passion towards our work. All our social media content is based on that.

Every story has many dimensions. That’s why proper packaging and communicating of the message is as important as the content. The purpose is to create a shared understanding of the current reality and its consequences. We are trying to follow our own path and reflect our organizational culture to the social media. Our vision is to describe our business qualities well within social media. Not to be a master of social media at the expense of business qualities.

Our work is to visualize data. It is also natural for us to concentrate on the visual content on social media while showing how we are, what we are doing, and what our consulting really means. Based on studies, brains can process visual content 60,000 times faster than text. That means visually rich content is more effective within all the flood of information.

GIS social mediaSocial media is a fertile platform for testing and playing with new things. Our President, Patrick Moore, and his team had a climbing project in Denali called “Astonishing Mrs. Chippy” (@astmrschippy on Twitter). We did the application for the project, just like we’re doing applications for our customers. Our followers had a live chance to follow the team via social media and get the newest geospatial information.

Why did we do that? Of course, we and our followers were curious about how the mountaineering was going. At the same time we wanted to show an example of what we were doing as well as test our new Twitter-based system application. This product was created as a project for one of our employee’s Master’s program. Its purpose was to locate people who are following what is trending on Twitter. The application prompts a user for a location and a subject, then harvests 1000 Tweets within the last 24 hours and produces a map of the specified area using a Python package called Folium. (picture below)

GIS social mediaWe strongly believe that social media updating and operating should be closely aligned with the organizational culture. Sharing should be active, automatic, and authentic. We want to show people the fascinating things you can do when combining maps and data.