Illustrating What We Do

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You check your To Do list. You have put off the number one item for a while now. It’s daunting. It’s time consuming. You don’t know where to start. How do you tell your company story to a large audience of potential customers? You want people to understand your vision and your passion about what you are doing as a company and the value of your product. You’ve thought about flyers, brochures, and social media, but you really want something that can tell your story. You want a marketing video! It’ll be fun and entertaining, but at the same time it will show the benefits of your business through the powerful medium of example.

But now you have to create a marketing video.

Integral GIS faced much the same hurdle: creating a marketing video from scratch. Our first goal was to answer only two questions.

Why make a video?

Who is our audience?

Our reason for creating a video was simple. We wanted to answer the questions that our customers ask the most – what is GIS and how can it benefit them – in an engaging, visual way. Graphics and a narrator would tell a story that would best illustrate the answers to these questions. We could have made a brochure or written an article for our website, but we wanted something with the storytelling capabilities of a video. We wanted to increase the effectiveness of social media with animated visual content and sound.

Our target audience was potential customers including business people, CEOs, data managers, and the people who make decisions within their company. These people have probably heard of GIS, but may have an incomplete understanding of how it can work for their business. We also wanted to strengthen our relationship with our current customers.

The idea was to make something approachable but comprehensive. And we did it! You can watch our video below.

Stay tuned for more in the blog series “Illustrating our Company Story”. We’ll discuss managing the creation of a marketing video, scripts and graphics, the flow of design, and more!


Joelle Prokupek is a writer/editor inspired by good design and engaging business narratives.