CoreNet Global Summit 2017 Press Release

Integral GIS will be attending the CoreNet Global Summit 2017 to present demos for location analytics at our booth, #112. The conference will take place in Seattle on November 5 – 7. We hope to see you there! Here’s a preview of what we’re presenting.


Analyze. Map. Predict.

View a live demo by clicking here. 

Amp gives you options. Our powerful predictive tools and intuitive design work seamlessly with your location data to provide analysis at your fingertips. Features include:

  • Mile Ring Summary
  • Drive Time Summary
  • Forecast Score Comparison
  • Competitor Search
  • Thematic Shading
  • Site Details
  • Customizable Layer Panel

Analytics Mapper

View a live demo by clicking here.

Use the Analytics Mapper to present your location data on a beautiful map with intuitive design. Ideal for:

  • Presenting locations of stores, employees, customers
  • Including labels such as profits, names
  • Customizing colors
  • Calculating center of gravity
  • Showing thematic shading and demographics


Real estate Portfolio Management

Optimize your clients’ real estate costs with RPM. Our interactive portfolio allows you to run simulations with predictive analysis to determine the effects of expansions or downsizing and compare the results. Use RPM to create a dialog with your clients to optimize their costs.

  • View lease details and rank leases based on rent, income, facility size, employee count
  • Use predictive analysis simulations with adjustment for headcount, expansions, or downsizing
  • Save and generate notes for each simulation
  • Generate reports from simulations to compare demand and supply, total costs, cost and savings per seat, and footprint and occupancy