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AMP gives you options.

Our powerful predictive tools and intuitive design work seamlessly with your location data to provide analysis at your fingertips.

Put your data to work with AMP’s powerful analytics, including competitor search, ring summary, demographics, and thematic shading. AMP distills the complexity of your location data into an intuitive map and takes you even further with predictive analysis.

This powerful marketing tool will help you predict the best location options using data you already collect so you can present it to your client, realtor, or analytics team.


The Mile Ring Summary creates a visual representation of demographic data at prescribed distances from a selected site.

Similarly, the Drive Time Summary shows data at length and time distances from a selected site.

The Forecast Score Comparison allows you to see how your sites rank within a selected DMA or city. Compare the forecasted success of your proposed sites.

Thematic Shading creates a visual graph of various demographic selections. Toggle attributes, classification method, and number of classes displayed.

Site Windows display images and information for potential sites and existing locations. Site forecast scores are indicated by a color-coded system and represent how well an individual site meets criteria for success. Additional reporting is available to compare the scores of multiple sites.

A detailed Layer Panel reveals the locations of your site trade areas, site IDs or names, forecast score, sales, managers, and other features.

A powerful Competitor Search tool, allows you to search for and view the locations of your competitors by type or name.

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