Where should the roller coasters go? What should the room temperature inside the Tower of Terror be set to? How do you optimize crowd movements through a theme park? How do you best coordinate plumbing, electrical, and HVAC?

The folks at Walt Disney Imagineering, who are in charge of creating Disney theme parks, asked us if we can help them reduce construction costs by 3% on their California Adventure park.


Along the way we transformed the way they looked at their parks; we took them from a series of CAD drawings to scalable set of geospatial data that can be rendered in two and three dimensions.

Our applications allowed them to visualize crowd movements using Monte Carlo simulations, as well as do hydraulic simulations for roller coasters. With a new geospatial map in hand, Disney was able to foresee conflicts in space and time between contractors, so as not overlap and overbook areas between the various plumbers, electricians, and engineers.

Through the years we have continued our partnership, working together on the Disney Concert Hall and future projects in Asia. With new attractions, we continue to support the Imagineering team as they discover the best configurations for new parks, optimal viewing and walking patterns for patrons, and improved construction practices.

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