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Are buying decisions based on how long a person sees an object? How does time in the store and placement of items affect purchasing decisions?

We worked with IBM on a project that has been the holy grail for retailers for years: Does proximity to an item encourage a purchase? The folks at Big Blue had developed a 360° fisheye camera and software that can track the movements of people through a store over time.


We entered the process by creating the data-fabric of a trial store: all of the aisles and shelves and products. We then were able to process the data coming from IBM’s tracking camera, and were able to create a histogram comparing the time spent in front of products alongside sales of those items, using the data from IBM’s own point of sale database.

The indoor analytics of people moving through space and time, has allowed IBM to test and analyze various methods to increase customer conversion rates, as well as improve store layouts and presentations.

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