Map Centered Analytics

Data with Purpose

The beauty and simplicity of maps and the participatory way of analyzing data through maps can launch your company into a deeper understanding of how you want use your data. These analyses can create models for power consumption, how weather will affect real estate, and when people will buy coffee.

Collect the data

These data come from many different sources including business operations, internal finances, and external data collection sources for weather and demographics.

Network the data

We organize these data, connecting temperature with location and time, aligning dollars with store locations, and plotting supply chain routes with traffic patterns.

Analyze the data

The more data we have to work with, the more variables we can model for you. With metrics for weather and historical power consumption and cost, we can model future power costs. We can predict outcomes for actions, from discovering whether adding another ticket kiosk at an amusement park will reduce line wait time to whether building another coffee shop will increase profits.

Present the data

These data can be presented in a wide range of visual, engaging formats, from interactive maps with highlighted regions to graphs and charts. The analysis from these business intelligence tools will provide actionable insight.

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