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Where should our next datacenter be located? How can I track the health of my servers?

Microsoft’s Azure is a cloud solutions for hosting applications and storing data. It is a giant network for servers and datacenters located across the globe. Microsoft continues to expand the offerings of Azure as well as increase its capabilities and capacity.

We teamed with Microsoft to help them identify where they should build their next large datacenters.


First we built a dataset representing the current locations of the Azure network that would be the foundation for all future applications and decisions.

Next, we built an algorithm to help them spot locations that were their best bets for site selection. Using proximity to water and infrastructure, as well as crime and corruption and a host of other concerns, as criteria for optimal spots, the team at Microsoft is able to make strong, data-based judgements.

With a new data-fabric in place, we have also begun to explore how to monitor the health of datacenters and individual servers. The team at Microsoft is now able to visualize down to the square foot anywhere in the world where a problem server is, and can send a team to investigate.

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