PJMPJM Interconnection and Utilities

How do you visualize a power grid across 13 states and the District of Columbia? Which power assets are most vulnerable? Where are prices most affected by weather at any given moment?

PJM Interconnection is the largest operator and maintainer of the power grid in the Eastern United States from Chicago to the Carolinas. Since 2002 we have worked with them to provide tools that give a clear picture of their operations as well as help them assess possible problem areas.


Initially, we created a complete and thorough location-based data fabric of PJM Interconnection power stations, substations, and relays. This data fabric has been the foundation of our work with PJM. Managers and engineers can view PJM operations in a single view including outages, price listings, and areas of renewable energy facilities.

Additionally, we have developed a system based on the algorithms from Stanford University that tracks which assets are most vulnerable to failure at any given moment. This data is visualized for the folks at PJM so they can track and analyze their equipment and make sound and safe business decisions.

In the decade since we started our relationship with PJM, we continue to build new features on the back of the data and applications we have already built. We continue grow and expand the capabilities of their Operations, Planning, and Markets teams.

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