Commercial Real Estate Analytics


The Challenge

How do you track commercial real estate in a rapidly evolving market? What tools do you need to find the right place for your business needs? 

Our Insight

A successful real estate strategy indeed goes beyond finding space. JLL professionals uncover opportunities for your businesses to reduce real estate risk, save costs, improve productivity, and set the foundation for continued success.

Our Approach

JLL partnered with Integral GIS to create an extensive, authoritative suite of analytical applications to help JLL better serve their clients. This suite includes features such as location selection of client companies using factors like competitors, labor costs, and rent in selected areas, among other criteria. The suite also contains tools that assess the short and long term performance of existing sites based on user inputs.


  • Data
  • ESRI
  • Geodatabase
  • Responsive Design

The Results

JLL now has a global suite of analytical applications to assist brokers around the world select sites for their clients with more confidence. These applications help them assess the performance of their global locations and provide easy visual comparisons to clients for all those points. Brokers are now able to quickly give a client a visual supporting their conclusions on where to operate.