Application Design & UX

User experience for GIS and beyond

Our UI/UX Design team is integral to all stages of product development. Through discovery and analysis, to comprehensive workflows, we deliver elegantly designed, and intuitive applications. Our process produces highly usable and accessible products through an iterative and user-centered design approach. This allows for your users and their needs to be accounted for in each phase of the project.

UX Design

Design thinking for GIS

At its most basic, UX design serves to help identify and solve users’ challenges. Our team of UX Designers understands the development process and works in close partnership with our developers. By understanding technical constraints, our well-rounded team produces design work that is implemented effectively, is technically feasible and meets both your user and business goals.


Discovering the who, why and how

We start off with research and a full analysis of the business requirements. This comprehensive account of the functional needs, combined with a study of your users' workflows, provides us with the full context needed to create customized, user-centered solutions.


Gathering inspiration & refining ideas

Design exploration is our way of processing the information gathered during research. As we investigate solutions and workflows, we are setting the foundation for informed decision making throughout the design process. This exploration leads to holistic solutions and optimized results.


High fidelity designs & style guides

Every project's design is tailored to fit the specific needs and requirements of our clients. We pride ourselves on always finding elegant solutions by being creative, positive, and flexible. We build off the foundation set during research and exploration, with thoughtful and comprehensive user experiences and designs.



Iterative design is part of our Agile process and essential to any product lifecycle. We work through our ideas, with a process of editing and refining to ensure that we are designing the best solution to see your needs.

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