Geospatial Image Analysis

PAR Government

The Challenge 

PAR Government reached out to Integral GIS with a simple request: Can you help us bring our platform into the 21st century? While their image viewer/metadata editor software was forward-thinking, the user interface lagged behind the technological advancements.

Our Insight 

The UI/UX design of an application plays an essential role in overall user satisfaction. When updating an existing application’s UI/UX, it is crucial to keep existing users happy while expanding the reach to new and potential users.

Our Approach 

We wanted to form a strong relationship with PAR and their development team before beginning the process, as this would be a major facelift for their product. Integral GIS began by working with the product management team to develop user stories and personas that captured their clientele. From there, we outlined the features that were to be enhanced and reviewed optimal user interactions and workflows. Once that was finalized, our design team produced mockups and wireframes for each of the features while working together with PAR’s development team that would ultimately be implementing our designs.  


  • Responsive Design
  • Website Design

The Results

PAR is currently releasing their new imagery viewer and metadata editing software, complete with a new name, logo, and design. PAR will continue to work with Integral on future iterations of the software, including UX enhancements and additional plugin support.