Electrical Grid Monitoring

PJM Interconnection


How can we improve situational awareness for PJM Dispatchers?  


PJM is a known leader in technological advancements in the utility sector.  They encourage innovation to further their mission of maintaining reliability in the bulk power grid at the lowest possible cost. Thus, we encouraged PJM to shift their data paradigm from tabular to geospatial.


Integral GIS has worked closely with PJM since 2002. We began by converting all the assets, under their purview, into a geospatial fabric of information.  This fabric would ultimately serve as the foundation for a more comprehensive analytical infrastructure. Our goal was to provide a solution that would be flexible enough to allow the user to decide what information they want to display and where.  


  • Data
  • ESRI
  • Geodatabase
  • Responsive Design
In the PJM Control Room, the dispatchers use the DIMA application to monitor the system.
PJM DIMA application allows user to select an overlay of weather to forecast potential concerns.
PJM's DIMA application provides situational awareness for the transmission operators, enabling them to view and interact with system information.
PJM DIMA application allows users to view information about substations.

The Results

The GIS fabric and suite of applications led to the development of the Dispatch Interactive Mapping Application (DIMA) for PJM Dispatchers in 2014 and has kept PJM at the forefront of the use of geospatial technologies. PJM continues to invest annually in new features and functionalities. PJM Dispatchers are now able to quickly identify and address potential problems faster and more effectively with DIMA and its underlying GIS.