Retail Site Selection

Starbucks Corporation

The Challenge

Where should the next Starbucks store be built? How does the weather affect coffee orders? Which location is due for a remodel? How do you track customer sentiment through Twitter? These are just a handful of questions Starbucks wanted to answer.  

Our Insight

Integral GIS realized Starbucks’ investment in geospatial analysis from the onset, and it has provided them a lens, backed by hard data, to make clear and rational business decisions about where to locate, what to sell, and how to spot problems. We wanted to help Starbucks turn their goals into real solutions.  

Our Approach

We collaborated with the Starbucks Market Planning team, gathering all their relevant location and sales assets to weave together a fabric of geospatial information.


  • Data
  • ESRI
  • Geodatabase
  • Responsive Design

The Results

Since 2000 we have helped the Starbucks team create a complete and detailed data fabric of their and competitors’ store locations. To complement their data, we built a suite of applications that operate and interface with the rest of Starbucks’ data infrastructure. Our applications’ algorithms help to show where sales cannibalization is happening, help to find locations that are in safe areas, and help to compare store performances.