Miracle Event Tracking

Gwendolyn Clark

The Challenge

How can we create a simple platform for people around the world to tell their own stories of miracles and view them on a map?

Our Insight

Integral GIS worked together with a local philanthropist to help create an ArcGIS Online web application that allows users from around the globe to contribute their personal stories of miracles. Since our client wanted very little overhead, we suggested using the ArcGIS Online Web AppBuilder Tool. Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS enables users to create custom web mapping applications in an intuitive, easy to use, WYSIWYG wizard-like environment.

Our Approach

We worked closely with the client going through the process of picking a web app style, selecting a basemap, and choosing desired functionality from a list of over 50 included widgets. Additionally, we walked them through the process of defining the appropriate questionnaire fields for the miracle input form.


  • ArcGIS Online
  • Community
  • ESRI

The Results

The Miracle Mapper application opens with a map for users to view the locations where others have experienced miracles. A user can then choose to add their miracle point in a given location on the map. We formulated drop-down categories for various fields users may select from when setting the attributes of the given miracle. All the data resides in an ArcGIS Online geodatabase for easy access and organization.