Site Selection and Suitability Tool

Seattle Shakespeare Company

The Challenge

How can we visualize the potential location suitability for a new Seattle Shakespeare Company theater? Seattle Shakespeare Company reached out to Integral GIS for guidance on creating a user-friendly site selection tool that can assist in their process of choosing a new home for the theater.

Our Insight

The Board of Directors for The Seattle Shakespeare Company, with the guidance of Integral GIS, came up with a list of factors they were most interested in when determining a suitable new location for the theater. The factors included age, demographics, distance to public transportation, zoning type, among others.

Our Approach

We developed an ArcGIS Online Web App to search, view, and analyze potential locations across King County.


  • ArcGIS Online
  • Community
  • ESRI
Census Block data was utilized as a way to define and divide the map into areas that could then be scored to determine the suitability of that location.
User created parameters define the scoring system of a location's potential value and suitability as a potential new theatre site.
The map uses a color-coded scoring system to indicate areas most suited for a new theatre location, and proximity to features such as restaurants and coffee shops.

The Results

The Site Selection and Suitability Tool is an ArcGIS Online Web App Tool interface that gives users the ability to search for specific addresses and view the location suitability score using a pre-determined list of factors. We chose a weighted index to model the suitability score for each census block parcel. The Board of Directors for Seattle Shakespeare Company agreed on a set of geographic, demographic, and socio-economic factors they were most interested in and provided Integral GIS with a rating of importance. The Web App interface allows users to create layers from their queries to add to the map. The Web App caches the layers for the user for the duration of their session.